Bob Glasscock was raised on the west coast of the US and was always drawing.  He drew all through school, discovering comic books at the age of 10 (Bob was a Marvel man – his first comic was Avengers # 113).  In short time Bob had created his own roster of costumed heroes.  He studied art and graphic design in school, attending Western Washington University before setting off on his own.

While living on Seattle Bob published the independent, underground, comic Orb.  Orb was the tale of assorted intergalactic factions scheming to take possession of an orb of great power from a dying sorcerer.  The comic lasted one issue, as two things happened that changed Bob’s life dramatically. One: Bob made the decision to move from Seattle to New York.  Two: Bob injured his back in a motorbike accident.

Work on the second issue of Orb along with other art projects slowly took a back seat to doctor’s visits, surgeries and an unexpected new career path working on Wall Street in the financial information services industry.  The drawing continued, but at a slower pace and in a different direction.  Gone were the superheroes of his youth and in were cartoons about office life and the beginnings of an idea involving a gay man and his life in the city.

Sometime in the 1990’s something strange happened.  Bob stopped drawing.  The next several years were spent occasionally working on computer graphics projects, but little or no actual drawing.  Bob got involved in sports leagues, playing softball, hockey and bowling.  In the 2000’s Bob found himself beginning to draw again.  Soon the gay man in the city concept was revisited, taking the character out of the office and into sports. 

After several false starts work on Casey at the Bat began in early 2011.  The first comic was actually drawn in 2010 before the character even had a name.  The second strip followed while the concept was still being developed.  The website launched in August.

Casey at the Bat follows the life of late-20 something, Casey Wilkes as he recovers from a broken relationship with the help of his best friend Dougie and… sports!