Big doings coming up with Casey At The Bat. Our current storyline is beginning to wrap up, I hope everyone’s been enjoying it. It’s been fun to do. Challenging too, as you may have noticed by the hit our posting schedule has taken these past few months.
Next month I will be exhibiting at two shows here in NYC. The first is the MoCCA Arts Festival on April 2nd & 3rd. The second is a return to the Rainbow Book Fair on April 9th. Like last year, I’ll be sharing a table with my friend Jeff Adams, author of the Hat Trick YA novels. Speaking of Jeff, I will be a guest on Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast discussing all things Casey. (Will is Jeff’s husband). The date has yet to be settled, but it will be sometime before the Rainbow Book Fair. I’ll be posting updates about all of these things here & on my Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter accounts.
In other news, work on the second Casey collection will be getting underway soon. Oh, and I bought a new Cintiq! Can’t wait to find time to use it.