Welcome back. Every once in a while I make a comic that I think I can turn around fairly quickly, only to have it take far longer than I ever thought possible. This was one of those comics.
This comic marks the end of the first arc of the current ‘A Night Out’ storyline. We’ll be checking in on some of the other folks in the Caseyverse to see how their night went. Hopefully the changes I’ve made with my work set-up will enable me to get these out on a more consistent basis. That’s the plan anyway.
In other news, I’ll be breaking out the Casey archive into chapters and writing a new About page for new readers. The comic’s been running for a while now, and its due for a little housekeeping. Don’t worry, all this will be secondary to getting new pages up.
Finally, I know I say this a lot, but thanks again for sticking with me. You folks are awesome!