I really enjoyed the Olympics this year. NBC did an excellent job ensuring you could catch pretty much any sport you wanted to. They had several channels showing the games as well as an app for watching live events on my iPhone! I think I saw a bit of everything, except sailing. My favorites in no particular order:
Track & Field (anything with running), Modern Pentathalon, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Synchronized Swimming, Synchronized Diving, Men’s Diving, Archery, Fencing & Equestrian (Dressage!).

My only complaints about NBC’s coverage were the endless backstories in place of actual events, over-editing of taped events (they didn’t even show still rings during the men’s team or all-around gymnastics competition!). The constant highlighting of certain high-profile sports and athletes over lesser known ones was a sore sport too… as you can probably tell.

Can’t wait for Rio!