Lemurs really are among the worlds most endangered animals. Four lemur species are included on the 2012 list of the 25 most endangered primates,published by the Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation. These include the Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur, blue-eyed black lemur, red ruffed lemur and northern sportive lemur. The full report is here: Top 25 Most Endangered Primates.

The greater bamboo lemur was removed from the most recent list as recent studies confirmed a considerably larger distribution range and larger estimated population size than previously assumed. The severe threats to this species in eastern Madagascar remain, though.

I’d like to thank my partner Tim for coming up with the idea for this week’s strip (the Buster part, not the lemur part). Tim is a big part of CATB, checking my scripts and dialog each week and acting as my sounding board for story ideas. I’d be lost without him. Thanks Timmy!

Also – due to Hurricane Sandy and the possibility of losing power here in NYC, this week’s CATB was posted a little early. Enjoy!