Monday, April 29th was a big day for gay sports. NBA player Jason Collins became the first male, North American pro athlete to come out as gay in the pages of Sports Illustrated. The link to the story can be found here. Kudos to Jason. Well done, sir!

Speaking of the NBA. How did the Anvils do with their first round NBA playoff picks? Well, Wally & Nate correctly predicted sweeps by the San Antonio Spurs & the Miami Heat.
Jason & Joey have the Golden State Warriors & New York Knicks both sitting at 3-1.
Roger surprisingly is at 2-2 with his upset pick of the Memphis Grizzlies over The L.A. Clippers.
Dev’s prediction of a sweep by the Indiana Pacers over the Atlanta Hawks did not come true as the series is tied 2-2.
Dave’s Brooklyn Nets came back from 2 games down to trail the Chicago Bulls 3-2.
Casey is doing the worst, by far. His Houston Rockets trail the Oklahoma City Thunder 0 games to 3. Poor Casey.

NHL playoffs begin this week! I love this time of year!