The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing, with the Chicago BLackhawks and Boston Bruins tied at a game a piece going into game three (the score is currently 1-0 Boston in the second period). I am rooting for Chicago, but definitely agree with Nate with regards to Boston. I really can’t complain either way, and the games have been amazing!

Regarding the comic, this page was a bear to finish. I must have drawn the first panel a dozen times! I never thought it would get posted on time. Some of the results of rushing to finish show, but overall I’m happy with it. I’ve always had a sketch-like quality to my work, but this one may be a little more sketchy than usual.

Lately the comic has been a bit tough to put together. Writing’s always been difficult for me, but ironically the last few weeks I’ve been really pleased with the writing, but not so much with the drawing. Definitely something to work on.

Oh! Boston just scored!