We’re back. Thank you everybody for your patience and understanding! When I said that updates would be erratic, I didn’t imagine that it would be three weeks before you got a new comic. You have my sincerest apologies.
What’s been going on all this time? Well, San Francisco was a good time, even if it was for work. At least the weather was nice! I flew to Austin right after the Concur conference for Haven Con. It lot of fun. The folks in Austin did a great job with their inaugural show. After a busy week at the office it was off to Pittsburgh for the wedding of my good friends, Mike and Adam. I even played in a hockey scrimmage! I know what you’re thinking, who has a hockey scrimmage as part of their wedding, right?
This weekend I will be at the Rainbow Book Fair here in NYC. Actually, I’ll be there in a few hours. Yikes! It’s time for bed…. just as soon as the Canucks wrap up this game with Calgary.