About the Comic:

Casey at the Bat is a lighthearted look at life, live and sports through the eyes of Casey Wilkes, a young gay man in his late 20’s, living in New York City. A break-up with the love of his life finds him suddenly single and eager to start a new life.

His best friend, Dougie McDonagh suggests he join a team sport as a way to meet people. Casey tries out for the local LGBT softball league and joins the Anvils team.

Will a new romance rise from the ashes of Casey’s past? Can he cut it in the rough and tumble world of gay athletics? Find out each week in an all new installment of Casey at the Bat!

About the Artist:

Bob Glasscock grew up in a Navy family on the west cast of the United States. His made his first drawing at the age of 5 (it was of the family cat, Lucy). He studied art at Western Washington University before moving to New York City in the mid 80’s. Early comic work around this time included “Orb”, a science fiction adventure, and “Trinity Funnies” a religious parody. Neither lasted long.
Bob turned his attention to graphics and web design in the 90’s. Around this the he also took up sports, spending time in the NYC gay softball, hockey and bowling leagues. Returning to comics, he launched the webcomic Casey at the Bat in 2011.
Bob currently lives in New York City with his husband Tim. They’ve been together for 31 years and were married in 2015.

Bob Glasscock