Heck of a week here at CATB HQ. I caught some theatre (Forbidden Broadway) and a Pet Shop Boys concert, watched a ton of playoff hockey and basketball, and even a little Yankees baseball. All this and I got this week’s comic out on time! (Tired? Yes!).

Speaking of playoffs, as of this post here’s how I’ve fared with my first round hockey predictions:

Colorado over Minnesota in 6 (Colorado leads 3-2 with game 6 tonight)
St Louis over Chicago in 7 (Chicago wins series in 6)
Anaheim over Dallas in 5 (Anaheim wins series in 6 games)
San Jose over Los Angeles in 7 (San Jose leads 3-2 with game 6 tonight)
Boston over Detroit in 7 (Boston wins series in 5 games)
Montreal over Tampa in 5 (Montreal swept Tampa in 4 games)
Pittsburgh over Columbus in 6 (Pittsburgh wins series in 6 games)
New York over Philadelphia in 6 (NY leads 3-3 with game 6 Tues)

So overall I’m not doing too bad, only getting one series wrong. My game calling however, leaves a lot to be desired. I need some wins tonight to restore some credibility. Next week we look at my first round NBA outcome.

It’s surprising how much the bottles on this page stand out against the neutral characters & backgrounds.